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29 August 2006

JNewsLight - 29 August 2006

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Stories covered:
A benefactor for Yiddish theater treasures; Jewish Greeks return to roots; Ancient biblical waterworks found in Israel; After rockets, Israel wineries hopeful on new vintage; Jew wins Idol; A Power Hitter. And a Source of Jewish Pride.

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22 August 2006

Oooh, the Smell, Art, Love, Play-By-Play

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Stories covered:
Jerusalem: Follow the smell; A Jewish artist to the end; Congressman finds online love; Red Sox fall, but Jews rise; Internet makes Gibson eat his words; To Mel in a handbasket.

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15 August 2006

China, Arts, Baseball and the Zoo

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Stories covered:
In China, a growing interest in all things Jewish; Peace and love singer hits Israel; First music download site dedicated to Jewish tunes; Grants to young artists for big, edgy projects with Jewish themes; Roar of approval for 'Zoo Rabbi'; Shalom run! Giants to host Jewish heritage night.

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08 August 2006

Kenya Believe It, Brewish, Soapy

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Stories covered:
Aroma cafe offers a taste of Israel; Author pens Jewish life in Kenya; Soap opera character’s revelation matches actor’s personal journey; US beer maker toasts Bruce with Jew brew.

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02 August 2006

Celebrating London, Love, Reading

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Stories covered:

Celebration on the square,

Katrina unexpectedly energizes Jewish life in Louisiana's capital,

Are those matzo balls in my vindaloo?

Rabbi's book benefits Ethiopian Jews,
Ethiopia trip inspires rabbi-turned-photographer,

Journalist goes back to his past in new memoir.

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